200 Women

Our very own, Kimbra, was asked to be part of a amazing project called @200women alongside Margaret Atwood, Alicia Garza, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dr. Jane Goodall, Gillian Anderson, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie & many other incredible, strong, & intelligent women from around the world. The book comes out next month but you can see parts of the interview & learn more about the book heading to www.twohundredwomen.com


Jaki Liebezeit playing drums
Smashers of the Past - Jaki Liebezeit of Can
2017.02.15 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Forty-six years ago a collective of musicians in Germany known as Can put out one of the most ahead-of-its-time pieces of art to ever exist: Tago Mago.

Picture of a Blood Moon
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - "Blood Moon"
2016.07.19 - by Party Smasher Inc.

“Blood Moon" is the new single from Giraffe Tongue Orchestra’s forthcoming album “Broken Lines”, out 23rd September 2016. Available to pre-order now from:

Party Smasher, Inc. Logo
"Independent's Day" Spotify Playlist by Party Smasher, Inc.
2016.07.04 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Today is "Independent's Day" here at Party Smasher, Inc.  In celebration we've put together a playlist of way rad tracks on albums released on independent record labels that have inspired and/or continued to inspire us.

Picture of Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
"Crucifixion" by Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
2016.06.20 - by Kevin Hilliard

Party Smasher, Inc. is proud to present Giraffe Tongue Orchestra's "Crucifixion".

Duke Ellington getting ready to hit the road.
2016.06.12 - by Max Frank

In July 1956, the great jazz composer and bandleader Duke Ellington’s ensemble leveled the Newport Jazz Festival, swinging like titans and nearly inciting riots at one of America’s longest-running, most prestigious concerts.

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