Unlocking the Truth

Picture by Jessica Lehrman

Unlocking the truth about Unlocking the Truth
2014.10.08 - by Doc Coyle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are just oblivious to who has been making noise in heavy music for last year, than you probably have some familiarity with teenage, upstart metal band from Brooklyn, NY, Unlocking the Truth. 

Elliott & J Mascis
J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr opens up like never before!
2014.10.01 - by Elliott Fullam

Elliott, of Little Punk People, catches up with one of his favorite guitar players and singers, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

Brent Hinds
Brent Hinds VS Ben Weinman: Mastodon, GTO and devil music
2014.08.28 - by Ben Weinman

Fifteen years after Mastodon and DEP started, Hinds and Weinman surprisingly still bear each other enough to start a new project together as GTO. Brent here recollects how he grew up to devil music before becoming one of Satan's worst rejects himself.

Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal VS Elliot
Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal VS Elliot: Pink Floyd and People Pizza!
2014.08.21 - by Elliott Fullam

Mads "Hannibal" Mikkelsen tells Elliott about his love for classic rock, horror movies, and getting over the nerves of playing such an iconic villain. 

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