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Party Smasher Inc. is driven by a team of notable creatives within a full spectrum of disciplines – art, music, design, fashion, engineering, innovation… – who have built up their career and reputation through alternatives paths and severe workaholism.

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Pentagram - The Pioneers of Doom are back!
2014.08.06 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Pentagram are one of the Pioneers of Doom and formed in 1971.
Three-part interview filmed at their first ever London show that coincided with their 40 year anniversary, on 9th December 2011.

King Buzzo VS Elliott
King Buzzo VS Elliott: sports, Miles Davis and success
2014.07.22 - by Elliott Fullam

"I haven't had a job clocking in and out for some horrific job since 1988!"
– King Buzzo

Norman Reedus of WALKING DEAD gets hit hard: BLACK FLAG OR MINOR THREAT?
2014.07.12 - by Elliott Fullam

Norman from Walking Dead discusses with our boy Elliott his fan art book, photography, music, and brussels sprouts. 

NIN / Soundgarden / The Dillinger Escape Plan
2014.07.12 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Triple Threat - NIN / Soundgarden / The Dillinger Escape Plan

Happiness Is A Smile limited tour 7"
2014.06.24 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Because we thought it might be a good idea!

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