The Need For A Hypothesis In Your Art
The Need For A Hypothesis In Your Art
2015.07.15 - by Jesse Cannon

Do you create for youself or others? Amazing things happen when you stop seeking approval and validation; you find it.

Damn that Song Is Heavy: JMB (Jessie Marchant) - "Cleo's Song"
2015.06.24 - by Kevin Hilliard

Depression is heavy. Some say it's the common cold of mental disorders, but that does not lessen the weight of living on the inside of it.

Premiere of Cult Leader’s “Useless Animal” / Interview With Cult Leader’s Michael Mason
2015.06.14 - by Kevin Hilliard

“We once were another band, and now we’re a better one.” - words that once adorned a social media page maintained by Salt Lake City’s Cult Leader.  If you want to investigate the first half of that sentence, the Google machine can help you.

DEP Paranoia Shields
DEP "Paranoia Shields" official video
2015.05.07 - by Party Smasher Inc.

The Official Music Video for "Paranoia Shields" by The Dillinger Escape Plan. This is the 3rd and final video off of their latest album "One Of Us Is The Killer". 

RIP Tidal
Tidal (PT 2) – Nope, it didn't sound good
2015.04.24 - by Thomas Bouaziz

To me, TIDAL has always sounded wrong – and not because it's not super-HD enough.

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