Today Is The Day
Damn that song is heavy: Today is the Day "Come on Down and Get Saved"
2015.03.12 - by Dave Rosenberg

For those who aren’t familiar, Today is the Day (TITD) is one of the earliest and most important bands in the heavy noise genre. 

Eugene Robinson & Ben Weinman
Eugene Robinson of Oxbow on the joys of being completely uncensored
2015.03.04 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Would you die for this? Not just "die" in some punk rock poser bullshit slogan, but actually push your life to every possible edge of darkness, would you? Eugene Robinson has done that for four decades.

Max Roach
Damn that song is heavy: Max Roach w/Abbey Lincoln "Driva Man"
2015.02.27 - by Dave Rosenberg

"Driva Man" from 1964 is an amazing example of how to make a heavy song through instrumental dynamics, consistent driving rhythm and socially-conscious lyrics.

Kid in Mustang toy car

Photo by Chris Goldberg (cc)

Fake it, till you Make it
2015.02.20 - by Jesse Cannon

This week, StartUp tapped into some of the biggest cliches in the world of creative tech, yet still managed to make them fresh and inspiring. 

Mutoid Man VS Elliott
Mutoid Man VS Elliott: punk attitude by metalheads
2014.12.23 - by Elliott Fullam

Elliott interviews the punk super-trio featuring Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) and Nick Cageao.

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