RIP Tidal
Tidal (PT 2) – Nope, it didn't sound good
2015.04.24 - by Thomas Bouaziz

To me, TIDAL has always sounded wrong – and not because it's not super-HD enough.

Tidal (PT 1) – Super Star Hype or Future of Music Listening
2015.04.24 - by Liam McCormick

Monday March 30th the world was introduced to yet another claim of “The Future of Music consumption”...

AJ Bowen
AJ Bowen vs Elliott: horror, punk rock & the movie industry
2015.04.15 - by Elliott Fullam

It was a great pleasure to be able to meet the amazing yet humble horror actor AJ Bowen at HorrorHound Weekend recently.

Today Is The Day
Damn that song is heavy: Today is the Day "Come on Down and Get Saved"
2015.03.12 - by Dave Rosenberg

For those who aren’t familiar, Today is the Day (TITD) is one of the earliest and most important bands in the heavy noise genre. 

Eugene Robinson & Ben Weinman
Eugene Robinson of Oxbow on the joys of being completely uncensored
2015.03.04 - by Party Smasher Inc.

Would you die for this? Not just "die" in some punk rock poser bullshit slogan, but actually push your life to every possible edge of darkness, would you?

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