DAMN THAT SONG IS HEAVY: Pharmakon - "Body Betrays Itself"
2015.07.17 - by Kevin Hilliard

Every single one of you is going to die.  Every. single. one.

The Need For A Hypothesis In Your Art
The Need For A Hypothesis In Your Art
2015.07.15 - by Jesse Cannon

Do you create for youself or others? Amazing things happen when you stop seeking approval and validation; you find it.

Damn that Song Is Heavy: JMB (Jessie Marchant) - "Cleo's Song"
2015.06.24 - by Kevin Hilliard

Depression is heavy. Some say it's the common cold of mental disorders, but that does not lessen the weight of living on the inside of it.

2015.06.17 - by Ben Weinman

New York hardcore quartet Primitive Weapons, latest video “The Electric Drama" from their new upcoming album The Future of Death scheduled to be released this Fall via PARTY SMASHER INC.


REFUSED They know too much!
2015.06.17 - by Ben Weinman

I saw Refused play what could have been one of their last shows in 1998. They were on tour with a DC band named Frodus in the US playing some pretty darn small places. Pretty sure there were about 50 people there. They didn't seem very happy.

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