Thomas Bouaziz

Creative Director of Party Smasher Inc.
Artist/Engineer as TremensS
Founder/Art Director of ExperiensS

Artist and engineer from Paris (FR), Thomas Bouaziz (TremensS) explores a variety of disciplines: art, engineering, music, magic… with a significant deviance towards experiment, misuse, and hack – whether on technologic, psychologic, or cognitive levels.

In 2006, he founded ExperiensS, a creative and engineering studio for Digital Arts in Paris, specialized in design and hardware/software development for real-time interaction, generative art and show control (show/light design, generative visuals, sound design, sensors, hardware interfaces and controllers…).
With ExperiensS, he has been involved as the art director, designer, software/hardware engineer or consultant for international acts such as: the Dillinger Escape Plan, Justice, Kavinsky, Etienne de Crécy... as well as contemporary, augmented performances and multimedia interactive installations for prestigious brands like Lancôme, Guerlain, Swarovski, or Converse.
He has contributed to exhibitions worldwide (Paris, Milan, London, Miami…) for contemporary artists and designers (ORLAN, Arik Levy…) and has driven engineering projects for institutions on human-machine interfaces (research labs, museums, army).

Since 2006 Thomas has been teaching computer science and creative technology in engineering schools, universities, and workshops (Ecole Centrale d’Electronique de Paris, Université Paris 8…). 

Throughout his many collaborations with musicians on a wide variety of scales and scenes, Thomas started dissecting mutations in the music & art industry through digital platforms and social media. He is hired for consulting and workshops on Digital & DIY career management for artists and music professionals.

Under the moniker TremensS, he develops his own art through interactive/technologic installations, music and close-up magic – as interconnected fields of expression, experimentation, and aesthetics.
Through music or immersive and dark installations, he focuses on building strong experiences, whether contemplative or traumatic, exploiting cognitive, technologic and stochastic processes.
In close-up magic, he found a playground for deception, mentalism and manipulation. He started professionally as a resident artist at Musée Grévin in Paris (french Madame Tussaud) and performs at private and corporate events. In 2010, he was thrown on stage to improvise an impromptu performance as an opener for the Dillinger Escape Plan in Paris a few minutes after meeting the band. Four years later, he joins Ben Weinman in bringing Party Smasher Inc. to life.

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