Kevin Hilliard

Musician and Other Jobs that Pay Better Than Musician
Washington D.C.

Kevin Hilliard is the guitar player for the band Flavor Waster. Born and raised in the Washington, DC metro area Kevin learned about punk and DIY culture when we happened to walk by Fugazi performing at Fort Reno one year or some bullshit like that.  Never one to get into things that do not aggravate 90% of the rest of the folks in the universe, he explored metal, IDM, hip hop, jazz and the work of Vince Falzone extensively in the years that followed.

He's played in a bunch of bands in and around DC and has scored feature films (see the picture, that's his dumb head in front of those monitors) as well as hilariously lame commercials for window shades and agriculture. He also spent time writing for the pre-everything music blog Buddyhead. When he is not playing or listening to music, Kevin works as an analyst.  It's both more and less interesting than it sounds. You should stop reading this now.

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2015.10.02 - by Kevin Hilliard

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