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Elliott Fullam is the young music and video game loving nerd-dude from the family art collective known as Little Punk People who loves to interview all kinds of people as he travels with his parents to horror conventions, comic cons, and metal and punk shows around the country. With his occasionally off-the-wall questions and contagious laugh, Elliott has already started to win the hearts of many fellow music and art fans. And at such a young age he has a lot to offer this world with his curious and often humorous perspective on life, burritos, and the art of one day becoming a “Master Fartista”.

Elliott lives in NJ with his family as well as his pet frog, lizard, and crazy cats and he loves them all. Some of his favorite bands are Queen, Devo, KISS, Ghost, the Misfits, and Dillinger Escape Plan to name a few. He wants everyone to know that his favorite foods are Mexican food and pizza, too. His favorite artist is his mom. He has a very strong drive to make the most out of his life by surrounding himself with exciting and inspirational people while at the same time still enjoying the simpler things in life, like enjoying nature and just being a kid.

As a contributor to the Party Smasher family, Elliott will be reporting directly to his “Supreme Jedi Master Fartista Guru” Benjamin Weinman.  But the common unanswered question on this unique pairing is that no one is sure who is the more mature of the two. But most importantly, Elliott is honored to be able to do these fun interviews and he looks forward to bringing more awesome stuff to the Party Smasher website, so stay tuned!

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