So here we are 15 years into the new millennium. Mathcore has become a term widely accepted amongst music journalists and amateur music listeners alike to describe hardcore and punk bands who have challenged the habitual nature of aggressive music.  While much of the music originally labeled mathcore was inspired by underground jazz and heads tinkering around with their version of what progressive metal should sound like (The Dazzling Killmen, Don Caballero, and early Today is the Day for example), by the mid 2000’s it seemed that much of the essence of what made some of these early adopters so genuine was lost.  I’m not going to mention any names but basically the music being labeled mathcore was most of the time just a mish mash of silliness.  It went from bands not giving a shit about fashion or being part of some scene clique to bands who looked like a Hot Topic threw up Pepto Bismol onto their merch table. I just didn’t get it!


When I first found out we would be playing shows with Rolo Tomassi back in 2010, the female fronted mathcore band from England, I was not really expecting anything different. But to my surprise these kids were really refreshing and extremely humble.  Their singer, Eva Spence, was shy and sweet and would spend most of her time in between shows sewing and creating for her clothing line, Night of the Living Thread. The chemistry between her and her brother James was undeniable and the entire band played like they meant it. These guys had their own record label and were paving their path regardless of opportunity or expectations. Although it had been 14 years since Dillinger Escape Plan was formed, I could somehow relate to these guys. Now, 5 years after our tour together, we had the opportunity to chat at ArcTanGent fest in Bristol.  Enjoy.

-Ben Weinman 

For more on Rolo Tomassi Check out their BandCamp, FaceBook, and Twitter.

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Benjamin Weinman is most known for his role as guitarist founding member of the band The Dillinger Escape Plan since its inception in 1997. Weinman has earned much respect from fans worldwide, with accomplishments such as coverage in both music and business media giants like Rolling Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek, and the New York Times. He has reached Billboard chart status, Revolver Magazine's Golden God award for "Independent artist of the year", and Kerrang Magazine's "Spirit Of Independence" award as well as most recently the Kerrang Magazine “Inspiration” award. Weinman formed Party Smasher inc, as an outlet for him and his trusted circuit of creators to have a place to both express themselves and expose the work of those who have inspired through their expression.


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