Elliott Fullam had a quick talk with Ivar Bjornson of Enslaved at their 25th Anniversary show outside of the Gramercy Theater in NYC this past Saturday. Enslaved were in the area for their "New York by Norse" shows to celebrate their impressive history as one of the more progressive extreme metal bands out of Norway, who started as teenagers in 1991. The show also included Einar Selvik, who is known for playing in Gorgoroth in the early 2000's as well as his Nordic folk project Wardruna which provided soundtrack music for the hit show Vikings on the History Channel.

In the interview, Ivar revealed his go-to band for when he is feeling sad, seeing his friends who have died in his dreams, nature, and more. He also told Elliott what his favorite food to eat is when visiting New York.

Ivar is a founding member of the band and they played two special sets at the show, one consisting of older material and the next set with their more recent songs. His clean vocals provide a nice contrast to the non-clean vocals of co-founding member Grutle Kjellson and the two blend together perfectly. Enslaved is a band that fairs very well with critics because their body of work has stretched past the more common style of black and extreme metal over the years. Their later albums have shown comparisons to Pink Floyd so that's enough to turn potentially new fans onto their music right there. The band recently reeased the compilation "Sleeping Gods - Thorn" vinyl to correspond with their 25 year anniversary. Find out more about the band here: http://enslaved.no/

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