Emma Ruth Rundle - Party Smasher Inc. Guest Playlist

Picture of Emma Ruth Rundle by photographer Gus Black

Photo: Gus Black

We are pleased as punch to share with you Party Smasher, Inc.'s first guest curated playlist by the ferociously talented and prolific Emma Ruth Rundle.  Check out her description of the playlist below whilst soaking in these ten tracks.  Then be sure to check out her new album "Marked For Death" when it drops September 30th via Sargent House.  The title track is embeded below. 

From Emma - "I started this playlist thinking it was going to feature all the music of China that I am fond of. Wu Man's Invocation inspired a different kind of collection. Each song choice loosely informs the following songs. Themes; invocation or separation from the mundane followed by altered states - represented by the back to back math-ier Helms Alee and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum songs then woman things into water places and cave-like spaces. I hope the listener is able to enjoy the journey from the jagged more aggressive first half through the more ambient, spacious and contemplative second. I recommend this playlist to be taken after breakfast. I had fun doing this- I put a lot of effort into curating these jams- I hope you guys are able to get down and feel as inspired by these artists as I do!"





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