Damn That Song Is Heavy - The Drip "Blackest Evocation"

Hooded skull image with text stating The Drip "The Haunting Fear of Inevitability"

A lot of previous versions of Damn That Song Is Heavy have leaned toward songs with more emotional heft than sonic crushingness. However, choosing this one is a no brainer, mostly in the sense that listening to "Blackest Evocation" or, indeed The Drip's entire new-ish ablum The Haunting Fear of Inevitability will relieve your skull of its contents post haste. The Drip hail from the Pacific Northwest, but sound like they wandered out of wherever it is Pinhead and the Cenobites kick it. 

"Blackest Evocation" weaves a tale of an unholy ritual performed to bring forth some unnamed forces ("where the candles surround evocation is imminent, where the banner is lain, offer blood and call forth their names").  Like the rest of the record's unsettling lyrics, this album-opening crusher trades in some classic metal tropes in service of the larger theme at play: the fear of our inevitable death and what may or may not be beyond this mortal coil.  

Brandon Caldwell's vocal performance on this track deserves special attention; his phrasing lends the vocals equal measures of catchiness, groove, and venom.  It's rare a feat to make vocals memorable in Grind, but "Blackest Evocation" had us whisper-shouting "for which the blackest evocation to take place" like total dorks all day.  

If you like this track, you will find lots more where it came from on The Haunting Fear of Inevitability, which is out now on Relapse, who has put out some rad records in the past if you don't count that Dillinger Escape Plan bullshit ;-).   

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