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In our new feature Backed, PSI and some close comrades apply the PSI symbol of quality to the very best people, places, and things we encounter in our creative pursuits. From music, to food, to fashion, to tech, and more, Backed is meant to shine a light on the things that inspire, augment creativity, improve life, and support expression.

For this inaugural edition of Backed, PSI would like to (re-)introduce you to the Baltimore, MD-based band Horse Lords:

It's difficult to know where to begin with a band this unique.  A quartet that manages to sound like an avante garde orchestra playing La Monte Young by way of West Africa, Horse Lords body of work since their first mixtape dropped in 2012 feels like the spiritual successor to Can (though you could also put Beefheart, Tortoise, Dog Faced Hermans, and others in that slot as well), even though they are quite sonically different. While perhaps not as "ahead of their time" as Can, Horse Lords sound as "outside of time" as any of the Krautrock legends' best work.  Their latest release, 2016's Interventions, finds the band at the height of its considerable ambition.  Building on the Just-tuned raga sound they deployed on their mix tapes and debut album, Interventions ups the aural ante with experiments in musique concrète, a deeper dive into evolving time signatures, and increased instrumental virtuosity.  Opener "Truthers" and mid-point epic "Toward the Omega Point" translate even better in a live setting, the latter being even more rhythmically irresistible on stage than on wax.

If you live in the US, the Netherlands or the UK, Horse Lords will be in your country in the next few months. We recommend you check them out in the flesh and be amazed.  In the meantime, spend some time with their back catalogue, you just might find it as rewarding as we do.          

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