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In our feature Backed, PSI and some close comrades apply the PSI symbol of quality to the very best people, places, and things we encounter in our creative pursuits. From music, to food, to fashion, to tech, and more, Backed is meant to shine a light on the things that inspire, augment creativity, improve life, and support expression.

For this inaugural edition of Backed, we're backing the newish social media app: Cymbal.  Although we're as skeptical as the next set of world-weary creatives about the power of social media and technology in general to improve the working conditions of artists around the world, the folks at Cymbal have developed a music sharing and community building app that we find inspiring.  Often referred to as "Instagram for music", Cymbal links up to the vast musical libraries of Spotify and Soundcloud to allow you to share the music (aka "posting a 'Cymbal'") you love with others just as you'd share your cat pics on Insta, your hot-takes on Twitter, and your humblebrags on Facebook. We discovered some of the tracks we've put on our weekly Spotify playlists on Cymbal. As you follow friends (like us @partysmasherinc), media companies (Pitchfork and Pigeons & Planes are on there), and others, your feed will fill up with a stream of anthropically - as opposed to algorithmically - curated music you can check out just like videos of your cousin's ugly kids doing something stupid on Snapchat.


A picture of a Cymbal by PSI, featuring the song "Between Voids" by God Mother


Cymbal also features about the most useful leveraging of hashtags of any social media site. When you "Pin" genre hashtags, like #hiphop or #metal, you can follow, in real time, which tracks in the genre are trending. On the tracks you check out on the trending charts, you can see which users posted each track and check out the "Cymbals" they've posted.  If you like their taste, you can follow them and add yet another contributor to your humanly curated music feed.  Also, you can use hashtags as a beacon for quality across genres.  We will be using tagging #partysmasherinc on all Cymbals we post and invite anyone reading this to do the same for music they think other folks interested in what we're up to here at PSI should check out.

We hope we've convinced you to give Cymbal a shot. We would like to start a community with you, sharing great music with each other, exposing up and coming artists, and enriching all of our lives together one banger at a time.       

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