PARTY SMASHER INC supports and produces independent and alternative creation. It is a home, a source of inspiration, a catalyst, a resource.

PARTY SMASHER INC is driven by a team of notable creatives within a full spectrum of disciplines – art, music, design, fashion, engineering, innovation… – who have built up their career and reputation through alternative paths and severe workaholism.

We like DIY as much as massive success stories – especially those that break the rules.
We don’t judge books by the covers but by the passion, blood and sweat spots on the pages.
We don’t believe complaining about the system, the business, the crisis, or the scene will make artists' lives (or art) better.
We believe that understanding mutations and having a strong strategy is not selling your soul but giving your art the means to catch light and your ambitions the power to become your living.

We will share insights, experience and resources from the successful as well as errors, scars and burns from the brave.

To build your own system. To Do-It-Yourself. To believe in your art. 
If PARTY SMASHER INC feels like home, you are probably already waving the flag.

This not about a style but about an attitude.
Get prepared for PARTY SMASHER INC.


Ben Weinman's picture

Ben Weinman (Musician & Composer, Founder of Party Smasher Inc.)

Benjamin Weinman is most known for his role as guitarist founding member of the band The Dillinger Escape Plan since its inception in 1997. Weinman has earned much respect from fans worldwide, with accomplishments such as coverage in both music and business media giants like Rolling Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek, and the New York Times. He has reached Billboard chart status, Revolver Magazine's Golden God award for "Independent artist of the year", and Kerrang Magazine's "Spirit Of Independence" award as well as most recently the Kerrang Magazine “Inspiration” award. Weinman formed Party Smasher inc, as an outlet for him and his trusted circuit of creators to have a place to both express themselves and expose the work of those who have inspired through their expression.

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Thomas Bouaziz's picture

Thomas Bouaziz (Creative Director of Party Smasher Inc., Artist/Engineer as TremensS, Founder/Art Director of ExperiensS )

Artist and engineer from Paris (FR), Thomas Bouaziz (TremensS) explores a variety of disciplines: art, engineering, music, magic… with a significant deviance towards experiment, misuse, and hack – whether on technologic, psychologic, or cognitive levels. He is the founder of ExperiensS, a creative and engineering studio for Digital Arts, hired by contemporary art and international tours. Under the moniker TremensS, he develops his own art through interactive/technologic installations, music and close-up magic. Notorious workaholic, DIY conspirator and ascetic lifehacker.

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Kurt Soto's picture

Kurt Soto (Director of Events for Party Smasher Inc.)

Director of Events Kurt Soto brings two decades of experience in the action sports and apparel industries to the Party Smasher Inc. collective. As a driving force behind the intersection of Vans and music culture, Soto was directly responsible for the iconic sneaker brand's collaborations with Marvel Comics, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Iron Maiden, Slayer and more. Kurt, got his start at Vans selling shoes and doing promotions when he was 15-years-old. He eventually went on to become music program manager for the sneaker company. The man Alternative Press cited as an Industry Innovator also played a significant role in the internationally respected Vans Warped Tour, Brooklyn's The House of Vans, Vans Music Nights and more.  

Bruce Fulton's picture

Bruce Fulton (Lead Developer)

Bruce is a web developer based in Jersey City NJ where he operates Hudson Web Development. His company builds website systems that help small and medium organizations manage members, event registration and custom content. Using open source content management systems, combined with custom PHP and modern front-end web development techniques, Hudson Web Development streamlines workflows so that clients can save time and money.

Dave Rosenberg's picture

Dave Rosenberg (Shoveler of Digital Snow)

Dave Rosenberg has founded several software companies and is an advisor to many more. He’s written about disruptive technology for all kinds of media outlets and has been a featured speaker around the world. He was the drummer in Deadguy, New Jersey’s legendary misanthropes.

Martin MacAlister's picture

Martin MacAlister (Recording Engineer, Musician )

Martin is a Washington DC native and punk rocker. When he isn't in the classroom working towards his MBA, you can find him recording bands, on tour in a city near you, or having a beer with friends. At Party Smasher Inc, Martin works on building content for the website, runs day-to-day logistics, and puts his business school education to use wherever he can. 

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Max Frank's picture

Max Frank (Writer, Musician)

Max is a musician and filmmaker based in New York City. 


Finn McKenty's picture

Finn McKenty

I am a survivor of the 90s hardcore and graffiti scenes and spent my youth going to basement shows, making zines, and writing my name on other people’s stuff. Somewhere along the way I channeled my passion for DIY culture into a passion for business and entrepreneurship, and my secret mission is to build an army of hardcore-kids-turned-CEOs that will take over the business world.

I am currently the Executive Producer of Music & Audio at CreativeLive. I used to do marketing for Abercrombie & Fitch, was Creative Director of Flo Multizine and did product development for clients like Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool and Motorola. I also run The Punk Rock MBA and have written for a bunch of media outlets like MetalSucks, Substream, Decibel, Terrorizer, and more.

Zak Hait's picture

Zak Hait

Zak Hait went to school at Full Sail University under their Recording Arts program. Obsessed with various forms of art, the time that he isn't spending helping run PARTY SMASHER INC is spent both digging deeper into what has been created, as well as creating things himself. Be on the lookout for his music in the near future.

Kerin Rose's picture

Kerin Rose (Head of Fashion)

Kerin Rose Gold founded A-Morir Eyewear in 2008, a luxury artesenal eyewear line has become a much publicized favorite among fashion’s biggest trendsetters.  Sold in the most exclusive boutiques around the world, featured in the best national and international fashion magazines, and worn repeatedly by the worlds biggest pop stars, you can find A-Morir in the pages of Vogue, and on the faces of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce or Rihanna.  Drawing inspiration from her time spent studying classical music as a child combined with her lifelong love of rock and roll she sets herself apart with her rebellious designs executed with an impeccably refined craftsmanship. You can explore her world of eyewear at www.a-morir.com and her comissioned fashion projects at www.kerinrosegold.com 

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Jesse Cannon's picture

Jesse Cannon (Producer, Writer, Life Hacker)

Jesse Cannon has worked in nearly every aspect of the music business. Most notably, recording bands like Animal Collective, The Misfits and The Menzingers. All the while he has also been writing for his own blog Musformation and publications like Tape Op, Punk Planet and Maximum RockNRoll. Jesse knows what makes the music business tick and has been chronicling it with his words, for many years. All he has learned along the way has been collected into a detailed work inside his first book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business.

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Mitch Massie's picture

Mitch Massie (Video Director)

Mitch Massie is a one-man-band production house. Writing, shooting, editing, lighting, set design/construction, special effects, etc. "A Mitch Massie Production" is just a polite way of summating all of these things. He is an autodidact ("self-taught"). To know his work is to know him, imbalanced and all over the board.

Elliott Fullam's picture

Elliott Fullam (Journalist)

Elliott Fullam is the young music and video game loving nerd-dude from the family art collective known as Little Punk People who loves to interview all kinds of people as he travels with his parents to horror conventions, comic cons, and metal and punk shows around the country. With his occasionally off-the-wall questions and contagious laugh, Elliott has already started to win the hearts of many fellow music and art fans. As a contributor to the Party Smasher family, Elliott will be reporting directly to his “Supreme Jedi Master Fartista Guru” Benjamin Weinman.

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Justin Pearson's picture

Justin Pearson (Musician)

"If Eddie Haskell had lived next door to Slayer instead of the Cleavers, he might have ended up like The Locust’s Justin Pearson".
– Soft Skull 

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Alex Diaz's picture

Alex Diaz (Musician, Graphic Designer, Radio Host)

Alex Diaz is the singer and guitarist of French alternative hardcore band The Prestige.
He is also a graphic designer and co-host of rock show Bring the Noise on OuïFM in France.

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Liam McCormick's picture

Liam McCormick (Earworm Wrangler and Audio Technology Educator)

Liam is a lover of life and all things interesting and awesome.

Kevin Hilliard's picture

Kevin Hilliard (Musician and Other Jobs that Pay Better Than Musician)

Kevin Hilliard plays in the Washington, DC based band Flavor Waster and used to play other bands you don't know. He's also scored movies, written for disreputable music publications such as Buddyhead, and eaten shameful amounts of cake frosting in his lifetime.  LA Gear Enthusiast.

Doc Coyle's picture

Doc Coyle (Musician)

Doc Coyle spent most of his career as the lead guitarist and main songwriter for New Jersey heavy metal band, God Forbid, who made their mark by putting out 6 LP's on Century Media and Victory Records as well as touring the world with the biggest names in heavy music. Doc has also been a wanted man pulling fill-in stints in for heavyweights Lamb of God, Trivium, and Unearth. After leaving God Forbid in 2013, Doc has put his attention to his ambient hard rock outfit, Vagus Nerve and All Star Cover band Rebel Noise Group. Blog writing has also been his passion in recent years garnering attention for Op-Ed pieces on Metalsucks.net and Doc's own website www.DocCoyle.net.

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